Attractions are Formed 2016. Based on 00’s Brit Rock, Attractions is a quintet which became the part of a new street culture, attracting international attentions. They are the first Artist who came out from Bingo Bongo Group`s, an apparel shop located in Daimyo of Fukuoka, new Music Label “Gimmick Magic” . On August 28th, 2017 Attractions has released their debut single “Knock Away”. A universal sound from Fukuoka, Japan. While Streaming at Spotify Attractions has listed on “Early Noise” , “Tokyo Rising” and other of the Crucial Playlists.  Attractions also was selected as APPLE MUSIC`s “New Artist” spotlight. On November 4th, 2017 Attractions has released their first E.P “Attractions” . They held the release gig among Korean artist KIRIN and Japanese artist YAHYEL.. All tickets was Sold Out in a blink.

On March 2018 they were among the artists that attended SXSW. With a sudden love call and the buzz that echoed, the additional gig was settled. On June 13th, Attractions has released their latest streamed-only single “Leilah” . This summer they also will be attending at “SUMMER SONIC 2018” and “SUNSET LIVE 2018” one of Japan’s biggest show .Check them out.

マッドチェスタームーブメント から連なる90年代初頭のUKロックの雰囲気を漂わせながらも、エレクトロやブラック・ミュージック、80年代の米TOP40ミュージックまでを飲み込んだ、今の世代ならではのミクスチャーサウンドを体現。
2017年8月に『Knock Away』を配信リリース。1作目ながらSpotifyでは「Early Noise」「Tokyo Rising」など数々の主要プレイリストを網羅。
異例の60万回再生を超え、Apple Musicでは「今週のNEW ARTIST」に大抜擢されるなど早くも注目を集める。続く10月にリリースした1stEP『Attractions』はその独自の音楽性から多くのミュージシャン、クリエイターから高い評価を受ける。
2018年3月には「サウス・バイ・サウスウェスト」に出演。ライブを観た現地関係者からのラブコールで急遽追加公演が決定するなど、当地でも反響を呼んだ。6月に新曲「Leilah」を配信限定リリース、2018年夏には「SUMMER SONIC 2018」、「SUNSET LIVE 2018」など大型フェスに出演。注目を集めている。